Sep 25, 2009

MSSD Students - Think Thesis! 9/29 Workshop

From the Graduate Dean Lloyd Russow -

The target audience for the workshop is ALL graduate students who are expected to perform some research, but it is geared to those not yet in the capstone course. One goal is to get incoming students to begin thinking about their research,. It is important that student begin focusing on their research sooner, rather than waiting until the capstone course begins to start their projects.

The goal is to get better output and to help students prepare for performing the required research.

Workshop is 9/29 11am - 1pm in the Media Classroom, Gutman Library.


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It's SusDaveable! said...

Are there any thesis workshops that may be offered in the evening? Just asking since there are a lot of working professionals in the part-time track that may find this difficult to attend.

Sharon said...

I have made inquiries regarding an alternate time convenient for those unable to attend due to work conflicts. I will post here as soon as I have a response.

mascaro5958 said...

Thanks for considering alternate times for the workshop. Dave is correct, there are ant number of working professionals in the group.

Sharon said...
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Sharon said...

Answer to inquires regarding alternate workshop times- No, There will not be another workshop this semester. There will probably be another workshop next semester. It is not a mandatory workshop. Dean Lloyd Russow will post the information on the Graduate Resource page and he invites anyone with questions to come and see him. The main message is to start thinking about your thesis research.

mascaro5958 said...

Shame there wasn't more notice and that there won't be another chance this semester. Hopefully next semester's workshop will be at a time that works for more incoming graduate students who are expected to perform research.