Sep 30, 2009

Your Choice

SDN 611 Project #3 for the semester is a “Choice Project”. This is created to provide options. Each individual will choose:

1. What project to work on

2. Whether to work individually or in a group

Prof Fleming and I are currently compiling a list of projects to offer as Choice Projects. Our goal is to make them relevant, varied in scale and fun. To help us compile our list, we are soliciting your feedback.

So, please respond in the comments below. Keep in mind that this project is short – only five weeks. To get you started, here are some questions. Also, here is a link to one project on our list.

· What type of project is interesting to you?

· Is there a particular question you’d like to explore through design?


mcmegan said...

I think it would be interesting to focus on a product (or products) that help promote a more sustainable lifestyle. Whether that means coming up with something new or expanding on existing ideas.

mcmegan said...

I think it would be interesting to focus on a product (or products) to help promote a more sustainable way of life. Whether that means creating a new product or expanding on an existing product. Also, I think that this could work in multiple applications i.e. Residential, Commercial, Education, Hospitality, etc.

Rudy said...


With all the assignments and deadlines we have, tasks have to be prioritized. It would be a great help to know when you want to receive our idea(s) for the choice project.


Anonymous said...

I think there should be a project choice similar to last years studio project of the completely sustainable restaurant (or maybe small hotel). From the food, the design, the energy to net zero. etc.

mcmegan said...

Or how about if we can opt to do a personal project. Maybe something we want to change in our homes or lives to make ourselves more sustainable - and how we would go about that. Design and implement the process.

Rich O'Neill said...

For those without designing capabilities as part of their skill set, perhaps a research based project would be the best vehicle for this project. The project could be on a macro or micro level, existing or proposed,individual or structure, etc.

Joe Parisi said...

I think something focusing on low income housing would be interesting. Also there seems to be a heavy focus on new designs in our program, but not a strong emphasis on retrofitting existing buildings. Maybe a project focusing specifically on greening existing buildings and the challenges surrounding that.

Alan said...

I kinda like where Joe is headed on this one. Can we do a re-hab of an old abandon structure and re-purpose it? For example there is a garage on 24th and South. Could we turn it into a community center with shops and housing.

Rudy said...

How about a prototypical sustainable rowhouse in Phila? There could be two types - new construction and a renovation.