Nov 1, 2009

Composting in Philadelphia

A few weeks back this story about San Francisco's city composting efforts was posted.  Someone commented shortly after that composting services are offered here in Philly, and I'd like to highlight some of the available options (if I miss one let me know).

1. Do it Yourself - If you have the space, this is probably the best option.  Here is a great article from Grid Philly's May issue on how to compost.  Check out Philly compost below for suggestions on what to do with your compost if you don't have a garden and need somewhere to drop it off.

2.  Bennet Compost - Tim Bennet recently started his composting business and  is actively looking for new clients.  If you sign up, he'll bring you a 5 gallon bucket, you put your food waste in it, and he comes by and picks it up every Thursday night.  This is a great option for those of us apartment dwellers who don't have any space for a composting operation.

3.  Philly Compost - Offers a variety of services ranging from restaurant compost pickup (selected areas) to sales of composting worms and commercial composting equipment to household drop-off service in Germantown.  They also have this excellent map for those interested in composting with others in their neighborhood and their site is full of great info on composting.  In select neighborhoods they also partner with Pedal Co-Op ,  another great small business that offers a variety of it's own hauling, moving and delivery services - all on bicycles.

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