Nov 3, 2010

Featured Student Work Series

This is work from the Adaptive Design course. The design teams were asked to run a scenario planning exercise for a site in the Manayunk neighborhood in Philadelphia. From what the design teams discovered, they were asked to propose a building design that will accommodate any of their scenarios for the next 300 years.

This is one of the components the MSSD is developing as a result of scenarios the program itself conducts. The program is discovering that designs for the future should allow for periods of disconnection from the global grid. This requires smaller subsets of society to be autonomous for unknown periods of time.

Here is a look at the design team's projections of water level rise in Manayunk, based on Philadelphia data, flood history and IPCC projections for sea level rise.

The design teams spent five weeks researching and designing their site developments.
Click here for a look at their final slide presentation.

The student team that created the work featured here is Missy Demaio (MSSD 2011), Sarah Wood (MSSD 2011) and Gage Duran (MSSD 2011).

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