Dec 11, 2010

Vertical Farming - Safe, Local, Sustainable.

Preliminary thesis presentations from a few of my fellow students included concepts of food production. Perhaps that is why this entry from dowser dot org caught my attention.

Dickson Despommier is a leading proponent of “vertical farming” -- the idea of constructing hydroponic farms in urban skyscrapers as a solution to green deserts and the predicted food crunch in the next generation. Despommier thinks vertical farming will allow us to grow locally and safely without taking over more of the earth’s arable land. For someone who helped develop a revolutionary ecological idea, he has an unlikely background: molecular parasitology research. "I’ve spent all my life looking down through a microscope and I now turn that around and look through a telescope," he says. Here, Dowser talks with Despommier about his new book, The Vertical Farm, and how farming into the sky could reshape our cities.

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