Jan 25, 2011

Get Rid of that Old Septic Tank - A New Wastewater Treatment Plan

Thanks to Pier Ignozzi-Shaffer for this contribution -

Under construction at Rodale in Maxatawny Township is a new type of waste water treatment system. The system willl utilize a rainwater collection system to flush toilets, wetlands to treat wastewater, and a drip-irrigation system that will send treated water to nearby flower gardens. Rodale officials know of no other wastewater system that combines those three elements in one process.

The entire system is designed to be self-sustaining and requires little maintenance, Moyer said. It's capable of handling 800 gallons of waste a day, and, as long as the plants and microbes stay active, it will last indefinitely, he said.

"Everyone wants a flush-and-forget-it system, that is why we came up with this system."

The hope is that systems like this one could be used in residential developments, replacing septic tanks and taking the burden off municipal systems, said Jeff Moyer, farm manager at Rodale Institute.

for more details on the system and more info. see here


Chris said...

Use the www.MillerPlante.net Septic-Helper 2000. It has the natural bacteria and enzymes that work in the tank and out in the drain field. Either way, new EPA mandates say that even a wet spot in your drain field could require replacement of your entire system or move out of your home.

Greg Aberforth said...

We really need more of these type of innovations that helps to conserve our resources. But as for waste water, we are partially at fault. If we don't learn how to control our usage, we could be its primary contributors.

Darren said...

Like a simple wastewater recycling system, this type of design is just what we need to achieve sustainability. By having this type of project implemented in every household, just imagine of how much we can save and conserve in the long run. I hope cost doesn’t become an issue here and there should be some form of grant to support the project.