Jan 30, 2011

Philadelphian Green Builders helping to restore the quality and beauty of the City

Thanks to MSSD student Kyle Sanphy for this blog post
"In 2010, EPA's Office of Water produced this 11-minute video which highlights innovative efforts by green builders in Philadelphia who are helping protect and restore environmental quality and beautify the city. The video features the work of Philadelphia’s Onion Flats LLC, a company that is designing residential buildings with the highest ratings for energy and water efficiency. By installing cisterns, green roofs, porous pavers, solar panels, and Energy Star appliances, the builders are capturing rainwater, reducing stormwater runoff, and saving energy. The exciting news is that the units are selling even in a depressed market, thanks to many of the amenities, including the attractive green roofs, reduced utility bills and proximity to public transit. At the outset of the video, Howard Neukrug with Philadelphia’s Office of Watersheds explains the importance of green stormwater infrastructure. The city is now offering incentives to builders and developers like Onion Flats to use green techniques to help meet clean water and other environmental goals."

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