Mar 29, 2011

Ecoman and The Skeptic

Thursdays at 10:00 – 11:00AM

A point/counterpoint on sustainability
Professors Rob Fleming and Chris Pastore with the Mysterious Professor Fryer

Ecoman and the Skeptic will engage, educate and entertain listeners by providing thoughtful, well-reasoned commentary on sustainability topics. Two experts with sometimes radically divergent points of view will offer insights on subjects ranging from the big picture of global warming to reports on new materials for the sustainable built environment. Ecoman represents all things green and sees the world through a pair of chartreuse-colored glasses, while the Skeptic questions everything and uses the power of the dollar to slice intractable Gordian knots. Each week, a different topic on sustainability will be attacked from multiple points of view, supported by interviews with prominent guests who will provide valuable insights. Regular features include news updates, the green-wash quiz and an opportunity for listeners to ask questions and seek advice. Ecoman and the Skeptic airs live Thursdays at 7 AM Pacific on The Green Living Channel. Replay Tuesday at 8 AM PT on VoiceAmerica Variety channel.

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