Sep 22, 2011

Living Infrastructure

There's a very interesting article posted over at Architizer that deals with living infrastructure. Over the past 500 years, locals of Nongriat in Meghalaya, India have created bridges out of local tree roots. Taking decades to construct, they carefully guide living roots to other sides of valleys and creeks. These roots take hold and create living bridges that will then support the riverbanks and provide a safe passage for hundreds of years.
Photo: Daily Mail
This is in stark contrast to the thousands of heavy steel and concrete bridges that only are used for crossing smaller creeks and waterways. Our bridges last only decades and carry a large carbon footprint. This makes me wonder, what other possibilites are there for living infrastructure?  Can it be utilized in a developed country? Can we build a network of trees and branches upon rooftops to shade streets and provide habitat for animals?  Awe inspiring for sure!
Posted over at Architizer

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