Feb 1, 2012

Upcoming Social Event and Lecture - cool new energy technology

February’s Featured Speaker: George McGrady, American Commercial Solar LLC.

George McGrady will be presenting an introduction to the Bloom Energy Server™, more commonly known as “The Bloom Box”. Their unique on-site power generation systems utilize an innovative fuel cell technology with roots in the NASA Mars space program. Operating on common natural gas, not hydrogen, the electro chemical process produces no waste heat to be utilized while producing electricity. Further, because of advances in material sciences, replacement of the internal components is inexpensive when compared to previous fuel cell designs. This technology significantly reduces operating costs while dramatically lowering greenhouse gas emissions, practically anywhere natural or bio gas is available. By generating base load power 24/7/365 where it’s consumed, Bloom Energy offers increased electrical reliability, improved energy security, and a clear path to energy independence. The Bloom’s Energy Server™ is another arrow in your quiver when advising clients on energy efficient options; an easy, sustainable, smart choice in today’s economic and environmentally focused economy.

Date: Wednesday, February 8

Time: 6:00 pm

Place: Lucky Lab Tavern, Royersford, PA (Formerly Sly Fox)

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