Apr 23, 2012


Friday, April 27th, 2012 2-6PM
Refreshments will be served

Come and interact with us on Friday, April 27th, 2012 from 2pm – 6pm in the Center for Sustainability, Energy Efficiency, and Design on the Main Campus of Philadelphia University. The students are looking forward to an opportunity to share their work in an informal poster session format.  Working on two sites in West Philadelphia, the MSSD students in collaboration with the Landscape Architecture students and faculty helped to shape and test a conceptual framework for a more sustainable Park West Community. The framework was developed as part of a 18 month long Green Trails Initiative funded by DCNR that was managed by the Landscape Architecture Program at Philadelphia University. The project is led by the American Cities Foundation and is in partnership with the West Philadelphia Financial Services Institute.

Project 1
14 Acre Living Building Challenge Food Hub Project in the Park West section of Philadelphia
Students: Erin McCulley (Architect),  Kerri Patton (Architect), Katina Wright (Landscape Architect), Norbert Young (Designer)

Project 2
LEED® Platinum Artist Community and LEED® Gold Transportation Hub at the intersection of 52nd and Lancaster Avenue
Students: Josh Butz (Engineer), Joe Cintron (Arch Studies), Luis Hidalgo (Architect), Rawand Khasraw (Architect), Zalak Patel (Geographer)

The project included 6 integrated design charrettes with the following experts:

Shannon Kaplan, In Posse engineers; Jim Burnett, WPFSI, Jeremiah White, Principal, White & Associates, Jerome Shabazz, Executive Director of JASTECH Development Services, Kim Douglas from Philadelphia University, Jeff Keller, Ecologist; Sandra Dungee Glenn, American Cities Foundation, Howard Ways, University of the District of Columbia, Steve Kaufmann and David LaFountaine, Community Ventures, Greg Lucado, Philadelphia University, Scott Ageloff, Philadelphia University, Mark Karlen, Architect, Andy Melony, Philadelphia Planning Commission, Claudia Phillips, Philadelphia University, Glen Abrams, Philadelphia Water Department, Cricket Brien, Lush, Sarah Endriss, Landscape Architect, Alex Dews, Mayor’s Office of Sustainability, and Rob Fleming, Philadelphia University,

2:00PM: Open House begins
5:45PM: Closing Statements and Acknowledgements
6:30PM: Ending

Sponsored by: Philadelphia University's Sustainable Design Program

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