Sep 17, 2012

New to Philadelphia? New to recycling?

When it comes to the "What, Where and How" of recycling there can be a lot of confusion, so to make things super easy for us to all do a better job here are some sites that will help you lighten the trash load....

1) UPCYCLING For Funzies
For those of you looking for inspiration on how to upcycle (transforming old trash into new treasure)  and are two great resources for many hours of homework procrastination.

2) HazMats
Did you just move into a new apartment and find dusty nasty bottles filled with unknown chemicals under your sink? Old electronic devices from the pre-iPod era? A stash of dead batteries from your handheld gameboy? Check out - this is the official hazardous waste list for the City's Monthly HazMat Drop-Off Events, and click here for their calendar - the next one is September 22nd at 22nd and York - easy to remember!

3) Dirty Dirt
Finally, my favorite recycling resource in the city- Fairmount Park's Organic Recycling Center! Located in the park, this place is literally handing out gold... well, compost, which is practically the same thing. If you have a yard, or even just a little container garden, this is a great place to come load up your Zip Car with free for residents soil and wood chips (bring either photo ID with a Philly address or a utility bill with your name). You can also haul any branches or other similar materials here for processing. 

Please share this list with your less conscientious friends and roommates to help them get on the green bandwagon.

Happy Recycling!

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