Feb 22, 2010

Are you considering solar for your home?

Do you wonder if solar energy would work your home, but you don't know any details about the economics/rebates or whether your roof is a good match?

The Mayor's Office of Sustainability is partnering with engineering students at Villanova University to create a set of concise web tutorials to de-mystify the process of installing an energy-offsetting solar system. The target audience will be residents and small businesses. There will be approximately 5 online tutorials, which will consist mainly of a 2-3 minute informational video. There may also be some non-video information displayed on the web page to further aid the viewer in understanding how a successful solar installation can be achieved.

They are particularly interested in giving information that will most effectively instruct our audience. In order to do so, they must first understand more precisely what the viewers need to know. Readers of this blog likely fit the profile of a typical viewer. Therefore, they are asking if you might be willing to have a 10-15 minute conversation with them about what you want to see in a solar tutorial. If you would like to participate, email Kristin Sullivan of the Mayor's Office of Sustainability for more information.

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