Aug 2, 2010

Urban Sustainability Tour!

Innovations in

Green Infrastructure

August 19, 2010

11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Join a guided tour of existing, new, and planned green infrastructure projects in Philadelphia. Green infrastructure attempts to provide a more natural approach to systems typically addressed by existing gray infrastructure; or the pipes, concrete and other engineered products on the average streetscape.

Join us on a great tour of projects that meet everyday urban needs with greener and more sustainable solutions, including:

Viewing plans and construction of Penn’s new 24-acre public park and learning about its stormwater management system which will supply the site’s irrigation.

  • Touring the green roof at the Radian, a new mixed-use residential building.
  • Visiting Mill Creek Gardens’ swale and retention basin with native plants and meandering paths, featured in “A Guide to Great Gardens of the Philadelphia Region”. Used for managing stormwater on their half-acre site, it provides a relaxing oasis and habitat for local wildlife.
  • Learning about porous surfaces in Clark Park where balls bounce on the same busy basketball court rainwater seeps through.
  • Exploring the Mill Creek Urban Farm demonstrations of urban agriculture, natural resource management and sustainable living.

Tickets for the tour cost $20 and seats are limited to just 35 people. Students and seniors are eligible for a $5 discount. You may also purchase a boxed lunch from Weaver’s Way for $11.50.

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