Nov 8, 2010

Green Fatigue?

Are consumers really tired of hearing about Green, or do they doubt the veracity of the claim?

An interesting article from Advertising Age by Jack Neff begs the question - Has Green Stopped Giving?

A September study showed big swings in the number of consumers who believe environmentally friendly alternatives are too expensive, don't work as well as other products and aren't actually better for the environment -- all of which seem to add up to what Timothy Kenyon, director of the GfK Roper Green Gauge study calls "green fatigue."

Will the Green movement prove itself a consumer fad or trend? Is Green like hula hoops in or out based on fashion or marketing cycle? Will sustainability impact and imprint on the American psyche or is this the 70's solar movement redux? Or does green really make a difference and true sustainable sources will prevail?

Read the AdAge article, Review your notes from Sustainable Design Methodologies and tell us what you think.

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