Dec 21, 2010

DVGBC Sustainable Design Competition 2011

DVGBC conducts an annual design competition to engage regional colleges and universities and young professionals in the process of sustainable design. The goal is an interactive design competition that will expose participants to sustainable design strategies, USGBC LEED criteria and an integrated design process.


With the current state of the global economy, local and national politicians often site “green jobs” as an important initiative to lower unemployment, expand industry, and protect the environment. This loosely-defined term applies to jobs in various sectors, such as renewable energy, construction, manufacturing and agriculture. The discussion of “green jobs” has the potential to transform the public workforce, but also engage communities in sustainable practices and lifestyles.

The Philadelphia Prison System (PPS) currently operates several green job trailing facilities in the Philadelphia region that offer participants marketable skills to re-enter the local workforce. The challenge is to design a Green Jobs Training Center that will act as a “livework” studio, providing a number of the participants with living accommodations along with training and learning spaces. Competition participants are encouraged to consider how the project will define “green jobs” and identify how this movement can impact communities and the environment. In addition, sustainable and innovative design solutions can act as “teaching tools” for the staff and participants.

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