Sep 29, 2012

DVGBC Gala at the Barnes

On Thursday night the Delaware Valley Green Building Council, DVGBC, hosted their 11th Annual Green Building Celebration at the LEED Platinum-certified Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia. The event was both a celebration of green building practices in Philadelphia as well as a kick-off event for next year's U.S. Green Building Council’s Greenbuild International Conference & Expo. Next november's GreenBuild will mark the first time USGBC will have its main event in Philadelphia, a major milestone in Mayor Nutter's GreenWorks agenda to make our city the greenest in the country.

President, CEO and Founding Chairman Richard Fedrizzi spoke about how sustainable design is getting back in touch with the common sense of our grandparents' who are the real “heroes of the green revolution.” He described the work of DVGBC member groups as reharnessing that knowledge and applying it to projects like green schools that have the power to inspire children to care about the planet while boosting academic performance. We are looking forward to what may come out of next years meeting, and the potential it has to further catalyze the sustainable building movement here in Philadelphia.

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rob fleming said...

Great piece but you forgot to mention that Rob Fleming was introduced as candidate for USGBC Board of Directors - LOL